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Left at home with dating random a woman and a dog under one roof taking.

And while that makes for a fine two minutes of chit-chat, more substantial convesation is obviously necessary to get to know someone.

I hope this person has been ejected from the dating pool because they are probably the sort of person who would skin you and wear your body as a suit. But those that check the box for “Neither, both are good” are seriously twisted human beings and shouldn’t be allowed in any situation where procreation might result.I want to have 10 random "fill-in-the-blank" questions (they are chosen randomly from a group of 100) when i press "Start" button. It is my best guess as to your needs as you seem to not want to provide any examples. Note 2: You will need to add your own logic to display the correct answer if user enters incorrectly.The rules are pretty simple, you can choose 10 random questions to anwers and them tag 10 people (main bap blog or multifandom) to do the same thing.As it is, you have just hard-coded the questions and answers into the HTML.How do you expect to have the 10 questions and answers formatted when they are chosen from a group of 100?

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