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Another said the rapist had been nice enough that, in different circumstances, she might have considered dating him.Milligan's birth name was William, but he was also Ragen, Arthur, Adalana, Christene and 19 others. 27, 1977, 30 years ago yesterday, one of the victims picked Milligan's face out of a group of mug shots.

Keep pushing, and leave what is not meant to be, behind.

A man in California has several thousand dollars to give him if he could just find him. Timeline of the life of Billy Milligan Milligan pointed a gun at an OSU optometry student and took her from a campus parking lot to a wooded area. Columbus and OSU police arrested him at his home in Reynoldsburg.

But it's never been easy to get close to Billy Milligan. When it was over, he made her write a check and cash it for him. Elliot Boxerbaum, then the OSU police investigations supervisor, read Milligan his rights and rode with him to Columbus police headquarters.

No one seems to know Billy Milligan these days, not that anyone ever did.

He was a criminal or a victim; an expert actor or so disturbed that his mind fractured into at least 24 personalities.

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