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The chapters will have an Internet Safety Savviness Challenge in which you will be challenged to figure out what went wrong or what you need to know. The next morning Beth, Maria, Sara and I met at the dugouts early.

Finally, there is advice on what did go wrong, how to deal with it and steps that could be taken to prevent it from happening again. We’re picking out the songs I’m going to buy with my gift card.” He gave me a look like I was the biggest moron walking the earth. That’s why I’m offering to help.” “You going to buy some songs for me? “That’s a major waste of precious monetary resources.” Dan rolled his eyes, but Marc nodded like he agreed with Ben. I took the mixture of chocolate frosting, shaving cream, and eggs that Maria had put in a plastic container and transferred it to a doggy poop bag. I pulled on a couple of the plastic gloves my mother used for cleaning then we waited. I don’t even know what she looks like.” “Yeah, sign in to my account and go to her page. ” *** The next morning started out like every school day.

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