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Andersen also sometimes gets a pretty hefty bonus if two people she matches end up going the distance.

); a guy wearing Google Glass; a “happily married entrepreneur and father of three”; a guy in front of a Tesla sign; and a guy who messaged me, “In 50% of your photos you’re holding an i Phone.

Amy came from a background in developing high-net-worth clients for Merrill Lynch, but her skill set wasn’t just limited to businessmen.

According to Amy, there were “lots of attractive and brainy women frustrated by the shortage of commitment-minded men around them.” Now she pairs high-powered men and women together for a rather high-powered price — up to 0,000 for some cases — but as we found out, that’s a rather small price to pay for finding true love.

It may interest you to find out that I invented the i Phone.

More accurately I was an engineer on the original i Phone…I can show you all the new stuff since you were last here.

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These people understand the notion of aligning incentives and paying for performance — they either work in companies that promote this practice, or they run startups that live and die by that rule," Andersen said.

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