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Your ticket system runs well, your forum gets vibrant discussions everyday and your contact form is beyond encouraging.

But the thing is you might miss visitors who are in hurry, who have no time for submitting a ticket or searching through your document system. That is exactly what a bypasser or potential customer look for when browsing your site: A real-time or instant conversation experience.

So when looking back, you’ll see what you’re doing great and what you are suck at. Plus, make your customer service available anytime for anyone, even when your team is not available.

There’s no doubt that in the 21st century technology has dramatically changed the teaching and learning process.

Take these golden rules for your customer service and go ahead to make it awesome. A customer clicked live chat request button to explain their problem with installing the file they just bought and after checking everything, I helped them overcome the problem easily.

Why do you need to keep record of conversations between your customer service agents and your customers? Then one morning he showed up again asking me to re-assist him with the same problem which he forgot how to troubleshoot. Live chat script recording is just one of the ways – , for example, Subiz live chat.

That’s the best way to deal with recurring requests and save time. From the conversation saved in your customer service tools, make up some support metrics like how many requests your agents receive each day, what the questions are mostly about, time spent in each request, etc. If you watch “Kingsman: The Secret Service”, you will probably remember the epic fight begun with a famous saying by Harry Hart: “Manners maketh man”. Manners make customer service and make it unforgettable. People only remember things that strike their mind. It’s very important to a well-mannered customer support team to be able to help customers solve the problem in time and politely.Edit: Firebase reached us and was very receptive to the issues we encountered.We are glad to see such an engaged team for their product.There are many traits that a top-tier customer service should have to become remarkable.Talking about what you need to do to uplift the experience of customers when they come to you, there are countless tactics and strategies you should follow.

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