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These include arrangements of Marche Miniature Viennoise and Toy Soldiers’ March by super-fiddler Fritz Kreisler, and songs by Puccini and Manuel de Falla.

"Some of the transcriptions were very easy, I just play from the score, so I’ve actually done nothing," explains Helseth, who speaks English possibly better than many natives.

Blessing Instruments’ website offers some of the best quality trumpets available online at some of the most reasonable prices.

Now we aren’t talking basement bargain savings here, but for a brand new top quality trumpet, the prices are some of the best around.

Blessing Instruments does offer all the types of trumpets that one could look for including trumpets specifically for marching bands.

A feature that very rarely was offered by other shopping sites.

These traits produce a "covered, blended sound which was a timbre particularly effective for working with voices,... The revived instrument had changed in specific ways.

Tine Thing Helseth, Norway’s first lady of the trumpet, remembers excitedly how “when I was a kid I was a crazy Spice Girls fan.The engravings extend to inside the bell, I've never seen this on any other Conn before.It is a ML .458" bore and rather light, similiar in blow to a vintage French Besson Brevete or or later period Meha.The site itself offers the warm history of the rich tradition that Blessing Instruments has earned a reputation for.What they wish to achieve as a trumpet manufacturer, as well as a gallery highlighting important people and times for the company is a dominate theme of the website.

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