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It's a highlight."Daily Affirmation" is always a hit, with now Minnesota Senator Al Franken! You'll also find these skits:"Sprockets - Dieter's Dream" with Mike Myers, Miranda Richardson and Marv Albert."Bensonhurst Dating Game" with Joe Pesci, Chris Rock, Dana Carvey and others."Ed Glosser" with Christopher Walken and others."Soylent Green" with John Goodman and others."Subway" with Harvey Kietel, Kevin Nealon, Phil Hartman and others. I'm suprised that SNL hasn't released more from both on these things called DVD'S ?! Living Colour was mentioned and APPEARED in the closing for a few seconds. Murphy receives less time than he might have in earlier tapes since he was only on for half the season.Other guests in skits include Paul and Linda Mc Cartney with Adam Sandler in "Sweatshirt Song"; Jason Alexander in "Mr. About 14 clips total with a running time of 58 minutes. There are several other skits from both Toonces and Mr. Piscopo is also very present, but Murphy's absence allows us to see some other members of the cast that got a little less attention than he did.

“Next time, you better be a little smarter,” Pesci’s host warns.

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Farley was a great comedian."Cluckin' Chicken" is one of SNL's betetr commercial parodies, with Phil Hartman. Of course, Murphy is still the centerpiece of the show, and he gets plenty of time on this tape. Robinson and Buckwheat, and he does a short bit as Michael Jackson and delivers what is, in retrospect, the funniest line of the tape.

The "Monologue" features Kirstie Alley and a parody of 'Cheers'. I don't want to give it away, but it involves the song Billie Jean and the irony of his current predicament.

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