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This may or may not overlap with Optional Sexual Encounter, since a game won't always go that far.Aside from dedicated Romance Games, this is most common in more open-ended games, such as RPGs and Wide Open Sandbox games, rather than games that follow a tight, "every note must be hit" plot, where any romance happens at the behest of the story.On that fateful date, Joseph confesses that he and his wife Mary are over, claiming the breakup is mutual. I’ve just felt so lonely lately and I’m not even sure I’m doing the right thing here.”’ everybody,” said co-creator Vernon Shaw. Because a guy like that’ll put a knife right in it.”To be fair, bad boy Robert isn’t exactly the most trustworthy character in the game, but those words suggest the two dads have a bit of history together.He admits that being with you is something he’s wanted for a while. Joseph tells you he had a great time and gives you a kiss farewell, but it won’t last. “Saying exactly what somebody wants to hear until they kiss you is what a sociopath does.”Still, the decision to make Joseph, the dad who seems to be the most clearly bisexual character in the game, unobtainable speaks for itself. So maybe he’s speaking from personal experience when he warns you to stay away.

1990s continued using stereotyped characters which do not reflect the diversity that can be found within LGBT communities, with many coming from Japanese games.

Joseph essentially represents an entire category of people who choose to engage sexually with both men and women at the same time.

Unfortunately, Joseph’s character reinforces the trope that bisexual people are “, who murders both boys and girls with glee.

And as an interactive medium, it's possible to include such content while giving those uninterested in same-sex romance the option of skipping it.

This means that games that include romance have increasingly allowed the protagonist the option to romance a few characters of the same gender.

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