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The Maltese man, whose web cam was switched on, replied with “great”.The call ended after the prankster switched on his own web cam and revealed his true identity.By clicking on the Cam button that you are interested in viewing, a separate window will open for you to enjoy the webcam as well as still keeping this page open.Most of the streaming servers will have a “commercial” before the stream actually starts – so please be patient.

He is very sneaky about doing it within minutes after we’ve left a room. The real reason for these irritating accidents is that, like the toddler who knows that doing #1 in the toilet is really good but still needs to wear diapers, the dog doesn’t “get” that pottying should only occur in the preferred potty spots.If you do not see a live feed always feel free to check back at a later time.We hope Cambeas Puppy lovers enjoy our webcam and the opportunity to view the puppies as they grow and develop their own distinct personalities.He has access to the outdoors at all times through a doggy door. Some owners try to convey this message by reprimanding their canine when they catch him in the act.For a handful of dogs this works, but for many dogs it teaches them to avoid pottying in their owner’s sight.

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