Can an introvert dating an introvert

You can handle a lot of stimulation before you get overwhelmed.If you’re in the middle of extrovert-introvert you’ve got average size holes. They’re listening to you, reading between the lines, catching what you’re expressing that even you don’t realize you’re expressing.The difference is, the introverted person may need time to recharge. Where extroverts are social creatures, introverts are most certainly not.If you know an introvert, do these 13 things to make them feel loved and appreciated.If you’re dating an introvert and they don’t seem talkative, please be patient with them.If you’re an introvert with a highly sensitive nervous system you catch everything. So please don’t pressure introverts to be more outgoing.If you have a child who’s an introvert with a sensitive nervous system, nurture the unique gifts that come with that.

We're not particularly shy nor are we unapproachable, though we can certainly come across that way.

In the interest of promoting harmony, here are some tips on how to effectively court and date an introvert.1.

Just as nature abhors a vacuum, we abhor vacuous small talk.

And if you’re an outgoing extrovert, it may be especially challenging to rationalize with the softly spoken, quiet relative of extroversion.

Introversion is not simply shyness; it’s a more complex set of preferences in which the individual tends to extract more reward from intimate social interactions and small groups.

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The point here is to forget about introversion as a defining characteristic with a negative connotation.

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