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Well before the arrival of Tinder and Hinge and Ok Cupid, there was another technological marvel that fed our never-ending quest for true love. Yes, before smartphones, tablets, and laptops—even before PCs—dating apps ran on machines the size of your living room. We mean Operation Match, the dating service that ran on a five-ton mainframe computer, using spinning tape drives to arrange your next date.Clients paid and answered more than a hundred questions, such as whether women would prefer to "find their ideal man in a camp chopping wood, in a studio painting a canvas, or in a garage working a pillar drill." The answers were fed into an IBM 1400 Series computer, "which then spit out your matches, five blue cards, if you were a woman, or five pink ones, if you were a man." TACT eventually spread all over New York, but was well ahead of its time, given that it was suspect in a criminal investigation after the Kings County Board of Education noticed students filling out "questionable" dating surveys.In this unbelievable 1966 article, "Boy-Girl Questionnaires Investigated" then-Brooklyn District Attorney Aaron E.#4 This is what life was like for women in their early 30s in 1960: nearly 80 percent of them did lived in a family in which the parents were married, the dad worked, and the mom stayed home. But seeing the rise of broken families with children growing up with one parent as a sign of progress isn't a logical conclusion.By 2012, only 22 out of every 100 American kids lived such "married male-breadwinner" families. Would a child choose to have only one loving parent when that child could have two?#6 In 1960, only lived with a mother who had never been married! Broken homes, broken families and broken marriages, those are terms straight out of the 1980s.By 2012, 22 out of every 100 kids lived with a single mom, and only half of those moms had ever been married. If you aren't living in with a mommy and daddy who are married then society would like you to believe something is wrong with you.

The New Yorker reports that in 1965, Lewis Altfest, a 25-year-old accountant, and his friend Robert Ross, a computer programmer for IBM, then made their own version: Project TACT (Technical Automated Compatibility Testing) for young New Yorkers living on the Upper East Side.

What is clear is that the drug had a far greater impact within marriage itself.

The trend toward greater sexual freedom for unmarried women actually pre-dated the arrival of the pill.

Operation Match started with paper questionnaire where Harvard co-eds would describe themselves and their ideal dates.

For , or roughly today, they could then have these questionnaires analyzed by the 1401, after the answers were copied onto punch cards.

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