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Among the projects we developed was an internet bulletin board service that allowed access to all kinds of software for information sharing, Free software (as in Freedom), USENET News, Gopher, etc — even email.

La UNChpad quickly had hundreds of users and allowed us experiment in a living world and in the process contribute to information access in a small way.

In most of the cases malicious redirects are made by hacking the .htaccess file.

Also, after cleaning up the .htaccess file the malicious code is being added back to the file within 30 minutes.

The “remember me” option lets customers pay with just a click, without having to remember their credit card details.

Forget about redirecting to 3rd-party services and let customers pay securely right on your website.

Fact is that those pages — Tim Berners-Lee’s Demonstration Page for Hypertext 91 and my own personal page — have been on the net almost continually since they were developed and/or modified on my Ne XT cube during Tim’s visit to UNC in the late Fall of 1991 on his way to San Antonio and the ACM conference in December 1991.

While the pages have moved from server to server as we upgraded, the pages mostly worked just fine even in modern web browsers without modification.

Wide Area Information Servers and the WWW gateway In the late 1980s and early 1990s, Judd Knott and I led a network services research group at UNC in the Office for Information Technologies.

Popular dating site Plenty of Fish (POF) and Australian telco giant Telstra were infected with malicious advertising from late last week over the weekend.

The infection came from an ad network serving the advertisements that the websites displayed to their visitors.

True, there are HTML tags that are strange to us now: DD, DT, DL, NEXTID, and a requirement that each A link have a NAME field.

(place view-source: and view-source: in Chrome to see the old school html unrendered).

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