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In the same way, its Association, which cares for former and serving SBS members and their families, has kept under the radar for the 20 years that it has existed, relying on discreet fundraising dinners and the generosity of donors who want to help “but don’t want it shouted about”.

“The operation is police-led but the director of special forces is kept in touch with developments and is in touch with his men at all times.” The Ministry of Defence said it would not comment on special forces operations, which have included bolstering police forces following the Manchester and London attacks.

There was no confirmation British special forces were present, but rebel officials confirmed to the Telegraph that they used Tanf as a ‘mobile base’.

The Ministry of Defence said it would not comment on special forces operations.

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Jihadists have launched a wave of suicide attacks on a British SAS training base in Syria in one of the fiercest assaults on coalition forces in the country to date.

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New figures released on Thursday by the Home Office showed terror-related arrests in the 2016/17 financial year increased by almost a fifth.

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