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Name – Amy (formerly Adam) Age – 19 Height - ~5ft Occupation – Baby Princess Physical profile – Long black hair with chocolate brown eyes, small and slim with a very feminine body, small A/B cup breasts which she has been slowly growing under the influence of hormones Hobbies – Dressing up in pretty clothes, getting into trouble , playing with her dollies and using her diapers.

Chapter 1 – Amy Awakens Amy awoke, slowly the room around her came into focus: The pink walls, the dolls house, the changing table and the whole Disney princess motif of the room.

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It's not supposed to do that when my son is involved, but it does." "I know I'm not supposed to be happy about that," said Jack, "but I am. They were so consumed with sexual frustration and passion that they could think of little else. When they were, but it wasn't a "sex day", they were frustrated. They got to spend intimate time together, but not nearly as much as they wanted to. She pushed him and, because he wasn't expecting it, he fell, off balance, onto his bed. Then she whipped off her T shirt and, clad only in lacy panties, crawled up to straddle his hips. For the first time in his life he noticed a few freckles scattered across her upper breasts, but then his eyes were drawn to nipples that were now red and angry looking. She leaned forward, putting her hands on his chest and began to move, languidly. "That's what I need." The front of his PJs had a flap, and within a minute her action moved the cloth down, around his cock, until it was suddenly in view. She actually saw that small bulge grow, until its growth seemed exponential. Reading back over that, it seems as if the children were seducing them, but that wasn't really it. Rather, it was a complex mixture of playing at seduction based on the feelings they were having brought on by simple nature, the same nature that had gotten them all in this mess in the first place ...

That biological urge we've been talking to you about affects me too. But my point is that that's probably happening to Bob and Mandy too." "Okay. True, the emotions they experienced are the same as millions of other people, but the circumstances in which they felt those emotions were more akin to those stormy seas than anything else. The irony of that was that it would be the "better" thing to do, from his perspective. It will be more comfortable." He had no argument for that, and couldn't think very well anyway, because her hands were touching him everywhere, including the front of his PJs, where she gripped his erection and moved it into place where she wanted it. Not saying anything, he just watched her while she continued to stroke her hair. He made no move to hide his arousal, as if he felt like that was completely normal. And by then, of course the erosion of control was advanced and, once again, the parents caved.

"That may happen between Bob and Mandy, when he helps her." "Like how? These two couples lived an anything but normal existence. He twiddled her nipples, hoping he could get her off before something really bad happened and he splattered all over his abdomen. Then, as if she were a blow up doll with a huge hole in her, she collapsed on his chest again, gasping for air. The front of those briefs were smooth, with only a slight bulge in them. The derailment was complete on the night that, by coincidence, both children asked if they could just stay there, in bed with their parent. "Because it's so warm and comfortable," Mandy said.

I guess I'm not surprised that Mandy gets excited about doing things with him too." "The other night," said Karen. And when Jack needed release and couldn't get it with Mandy, his mother had already agreed to help him. He enfolded her in his arms and kissed the top of her head. But when they started sleeping together, the train cars folded up accordion style.

"Explain that to me." "Well, I know how I feel about you, and what you do for me. And Bob might have been able to deal with missing Karen, had there not been a nubile, willing girl walking around his house in her bra and panties half the time. When Mandy was horny and it wasn't a time she could satisfy that with Jack, her dad was right there. He was in his bedroom, wearing his PJ bottoms and nothing else. Granted, they thought about what it might be like to have sex with their parents, but they didn't try to do that.

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