Freddy and carly dating

While there, Spencer and Freddie search for a studio founder's frozen head.

Elsewhere, Spencer orders 200 pillows by mistake, but he finds a way to make the best of it. You like me, and I like you, so date me."Carly took a deep breath "Ok, I'll do it."YEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSS!! Sam's mouth dropped, and her eyes practically popped out of her head. Will Sam and Carly's friendship be able to withstand? Sam loved Carly and she hated Freddie, so she had no idea why it bothered her so much that he barely even looked at her unless she was hitting him or calling him names. Watching those stupid dance videos was probably the most boring thing Sam had ever done in her life.But of course, she acted like it was an annoyance, like it was going to ruin the whole thing. Freddie would probably talk through the whole thing, telling their audience about how to reboot your hard drive or something and they'd lose ten viewers per second. It was about midnight by the time she, Carly and Freddie started dozing off.

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