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Other than uploading the program onto your network PCs there is no other installation required to use Lan Talk NET.

Lan Talk NET will then provide three windows containing the original sent message, your reply and also a list of all other computers with which you can communicate.

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One Team is a versatile instant messaging client that is very intuitive to use.

Chat Terminal is a command line tool without rich user interface may be very useful for local area network administrators, developers who make the Vypress Chat compatible software, or for experienced users who is interested in more complicated usages of chat software.

The application supports several command line parameters and command line input/output redirection.

Since the software has been added to our selection of software and apps in 2006, it has already reached 19.100 downloads, and last week it achieved 53 downloads.You want the power and convenience of instant messaging, but don't need or want the clients to talk to the outside world.Be it a bunch of friends having a LAN party, or a large corporation - instant messaging makes working together easy.Chat Terminal stores all configuration settings in standard XML files that are checked for an XML schema validity before loading.Are you interested in hearing the latest from Vy PRESS Research?

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