H c liquidating corporation

Plymouth Oil Company initially gained most of its income from Big Lake Oil Company, a Delaware corporation that mined oil in Reagan County, Texas.

Plymouth Oil owned 75 percent of the stock in Big Lake Oil.

The airline owed Aerotron about million, he added.

Emails sent to a spokesperson for Kingfisher Airlines and Aerotron's London office didn't elicit any response.

Incorporated in Delaware in 1923, Plymouth Oil Company was founded to discover, tap, and refine petroleum and natural gas.

The company was engaged in exploring for, acquiring, and developing oil and gas fields. The company owned oil fields in the United States, Canada, and Australia.

The General Wireless venture was designed to help the Radio Shack name live on following the demise of the original chain. The company closed about half of its 4,000 stores and sold 1,700 to creditor Standard General LP, which teamed up with Sprint to form General Wireless. When the venture was rolled out in 2015, Chief Executive Officer Ron Garriques said he had "ambitious plans for the new Radio Shack." The business renovated locations and updated inventory.Total production increased to 3.9 million barrels of crude oil and natural gas in the 1961 production year.Plymouth Oil Company acquired the remaining stock of Big Lake Oil Company in 1956."The petition was filed by Aerotron in 2012 and we had filed our objections then.The court took note of the objections and passed its order (for winding up)," said SV Rajesh, the lawyer representing Kingfisher.

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