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The most common way to perform validator based validation is to use a Validator Suite (see the configuration file section to learn how to configure these).These suites can be used on a single SAMLObject, a tree of SAMLObjects, or multiple trees of SAMLObjects (i.e.One of the main benefits of SOAP compared to simpler forms of data exchange is that it allows for modular extensions.Security has been a major focus for extensions almost since SOAP's initial release, resulting in the standardization of WS-Security and related technologies that allow security to be configured for each service as appropriate. Abstract Element Extensible XMLObject Marshaller.class org. Abstract Element Extensible XMLObject Unmarshaller.class org. Abstract Extensible XMLObject Marshaller.class org. Abstract Extensible XMLObject Unmarshaller.class org. Validation can be done in two ways; validation of XML, during parsing or after marshalling, or validation of the SAMLObjects.

Files contained in xmltooling-1.0.1.jar: META-INF/MANIFEST. MF META-INF/maven/org.opensaml/xmltooling/ META-INF/maven/org.opensaml/xmltooling/ org.

they are stateless and traverse the , here's how: Alternatively, you may wish to attach validators directly to the SAMLObject and evaluate them at some point later.

Before you being using the library there are some tips and conventions that you should be aware of.

Instead cluttering the interface for these containing objects with methods to add, remove, clear, iterate over, and get children by index, these XMLObjects simply expose the collection of children directly.

Again, in the example of Assertions and Statements, the Assertion class exposes a to traverse or edit the collection, use JDK 1.5 foreach loops, perform mutation operations like add, remove, and clear, and retrieval operations, and the returned collection class will "do the right thing" in respect to adding/removing the objects as children of the contain class. This library is very similar to the Jakarta Commons Logging (JCL) library but differs in two significant ways.

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