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But the girl in the bathtub wasn't the real Jan Stephenson. Other female players have not always shared your view. Carol Mann and Jane Blalock said, "We were wrong." Does the LPGA have other problems? There should be a qualifying school for Americans and a qualifying school for international players.

The real Jan was compulsively working on her game, trying to win championships. She loved to surf and was more interested in catching the right wave than the right guy. Recently she got her hands dirty and built her own golf course. And she continues, in her own way, to carry the torch for women's golf. This is probably going to get me in trouble, but the Asians are killing our tour. Their lack of emotion, their refusal to speak English when they can speak English. We have two-day pro-ams where people are paying a lot of money to play with us, and they say hello and goodbye. If I were commissioner, I would have a quota on international players and that would include a quota on Asian players. I'm Australian, an international player, but I say America has to come first.

Wiki Leaks founder Julian Assange turned himself in to British police on Tuesday after Sweden put out a warrant for his arrest.

Assange stands accused of "rape, sexual molestation and unlawful coercion" during encounters with two Swedish women.

The team showed its support for the former captain last month by wearing t-shirts with his nickname, Gucci, and number, 4, on them.

That sparked a backlash, with posters appearing around the New Haven, Conn.

More accurately, these more accurately named, "sex-finder" apps are designed to help you geo-locate an immediately available, readily accessible romantic or sexual partner much in the same way that Yelp or Citysearch will direct you to a nearby four star sushi bar or Italian deli with a good smartphone and the flick of your index finger. Once downloaded and opened, sex finder apps bring up an instant photo grid of potentially available sex partners, presorted by location, gender, age and/or sexual preference -- all on your smartphone screen.

Smartphone "friend finder" apps like Ashley Madison (for marrieds and partnered individuals seeking "out of the roost" sex), Skout and Blendr (for single straight men and women), Grindr (to find male-male partners) or Pink Cupid (to find lesbians and bisexual partners) -- among many others -- are actually friend finders . households now own at least one smartphone, it seems reasonable to assume that increasing numbers of people are eagerly following this app-created breadcrumb trail to sex with strangers wherever and whenever time and circumstances allow.Perhaps the best-known trap layer was the Dutch exotic dancer Mata Hari, who was executed by firing squad in France in 1917 for allegedly passing secrets along to the Germans.Other times, spies set honey traps to draw their victims into their enemy's clutches.campus, with pictures of the shirts emblazoned with the message: “Stop supporting a rapist.” [Yale goes to the NCAA tournament — after its captain was expelled for sexual misconduct] Stern argues that Montague was in a consensual sexual relationship with another Yale student — including sleeping together four times.According to Stern’s statement, the woman went to the school’s Title IX coordinator a year after the alleged misconduct and that a school official, not the accuser, filed the complaint that resulted in his expulsion.

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She sometimes thinks she might have been happier had she not followed her own drummer. The people who watch are predominantly male, and they won't keep watching if the girls aren't beautiful. In Australia the highest-rated television event is the women's surf championship. I'm in no position to judge anybody on what they do personally, but I could see sponsors saying, "We don't think it's right for the commissioner to be sleeping with a player." And if sponsors think it's wrong, then it's wrong. He's doing the best he can, but I don't think he's the right person for the job.

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