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But as Christians we have hundreds of reasons to be happy in our own skin.

When we accept Christ we go from being spiritually dead to alive.

But what if the very way you see your partner is all skewed?

You find yourself enchanted by this new person, hanging on their every word, thinking about them throughout the day.♦◊♦But somewhere along the way, the newness and excitement starts to fade.

They didn't speak; not an angry silence, but a "What possibly else can there ever be to talk about? Let's see what we can do: Relationships need to be maintained; they don't just look after themselves.

We've said it all." Maybe I'd caught them on an off day, but I'd seen them having lunch in this pub before and it was always the same. When had they become just a habit to each other, a piece of unloved furniture, barely noticed? A couple whose relationship has grown stale may put the dirty dishes, feeding the cat, doing Pilates, and finishing the crossword puzzle before spending time with their partner.

You’ll be pleased to know you can do whatever you like and don’t need my permission!

As for seeking God’s permission, the Bible wasn’t written as a guide to dating, but it’s true Ruth chased Boaz.

Attention is a gift and an exchange of attention forges closeness.

Luckily, there are some easy ways you can get them to flutter their way right back into your stomach and revive your relationship.

"Relationships, like fires, need to be kept burning, else they'll go out! Yes, I know everyone says that, but I really do - and perhaps now and then with a somewhat professional eye. I guessed they'd been together since times, but even so, I was struck by the sheer boredom emanating from each of them toward one another.

We've talked a lot about the past this week on Smitten: breaking ties with our exes and getting closure.

Talking about making progress is the same thing as actually making progress, right? Now let's talk about facing our dating future.

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Be aware that every question should lead you to the desired goal.

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