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1 - get the IP from his Skype username.2 - add the victim as friend3 - create fake video for video call4 - create fake voice to talk5 to send our backdoor to the victim, and gain access to the computer of the victim1-GETTING THE IP ADDRESSThis step is very simple just go to this website and type the target skype usename, dont get it twisted with the ip im exposing here, im under proxies,vpn and tor once you click on submit the ip of your target will pop up with the name and avatar of the target,and the user does not necessarily needs to be now you got the ip, do a lookup on it and whatever by yourself2- ADDING THE TARGET AS FRIENDjust do your best by creating a fake account, be smart enough to make the target accept your friend request, create a page claiming that you offer free live sex show or something, im sorry for being so paranoid but i works, specially with the next steps, as this step is none of my business im going to drink coffee see you in the next step...3- ADDING A FAKE VIDEO TO TALKFist of you need to download manycamswhat is manycams?

For faculty and staff workstations, your department's technology support staff should install the software component on your KU-issued computer.

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So, at any given moment, someone using Omegle video chat might simply end up with an Omegle nude video situation.

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We provide you ways to find free Skype sex contacts and IDs and beautiful babes and gorgeous guys who are down for random good times and fulfilling your most voyeuristic fantasies.

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Both users must have a cam hooked up and connected to a computer to even enter this section of the website.

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