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It irked me that a city so rich it could afford to shower subsidies on profitable corporations such as United Airlines and Miller Coors to the tune of hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars couldn't afford to let sophomores play. After spending hours plowing through the 350-page 2009-2010 CPS budget, I discovered that contrary to cutting wages at the central office, Huberman and the board had given raises to scores of top bureaucrats.

The story I wrote about it April 1 was widely circulated among angry teachers and students.

But it can still afford to pay 133 central office officials more than 0,000 a year.That's what budget reform looks like to schools CEO Ron Huberman.About two months ago, when Huberman and the Board of Education cut sophomore sports, they said the district, roughly 0 million in the red, could only afford to let freshmen, juniors, and seniors play after-school sports—even after laying off dozens of well paid administrators.(It wasn’t exactly a secret in that gay-friendly Chicago North Side neighborhood considering how many times the phrase has been uttered, “Did you see Ron at Sidetrack last night?”) Today, however, for the first time, that fact was reported in citywide media.

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