Sandara park dating jaejoong

it was fun at first but it's going too far (like Dara's ig is full with their comments ...

Actress Park Shin Hye, who has been cast in upcoming tv N drama My Flower Boy Neighbor to play Go Dok Mi, tweeted a photo of her script with the message, “Dok Mi is currently filming~ Worried because it’s cloudy…There’s so much ha. I’m zealously eating some peanuts someone gave me ha.” The drama is set to premiere on January 7.

" And he/she replied "It's kinda blurry, so I don't have a proof of what I'm saying" Another netizen posted on his/her me2day and said "Dara and Hero Jaejoong is here at Amokka cafe" Their fans started to believe that it's true..

We're just waiting for an official confirmation about this rumor.

It is said that the audience was simply mesmerized by DARA’s unexpected and new charm of playing the soft guitar, since the group is known for their powerful charisma. This said, I find it offensive that the girls are asked about that SO MUCH while BIG BANG or other boys groups doesn't seem to have a ban (Seungri is writing an album about his ex, and keep talking about it, right? In reality, everyone dates in secret and don't go public but sigh why would it be more important to girls ? It's caz BB have talked about dating in interviews so it's not really a secret with them.

Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook, which will also show other artists like Park Hakki, MR. Seungri recently talked an ex with his current promos and he also did during vvip promos just Korea They have dating ban in idol world And K-pop is pretty "nice" about the whole thing, look at what happend to AKB girls when they're caught dating High profile Johnny's can't date, they usually (*cough* not Jin *cough*) have to wait till their 30s to get married Honestly they should have just ignored whole dating ban and dated secretly* since their debut.

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