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Vera Hramova is nervous about her ninth grade son’s upcoming exams.

“He doesn’t miss a single day of Hebrew classes at The Jewish Agency for Israel’s center in Simferopol,” she says.

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“Our family hopes that Sasha will succeed in his entrance exams and go to Israel,” she says, smiling. We really loved Haifa and hope to one day live there.” The Hramov family’s Zionism, and attachment to Jewish identity, is rather fitting with the nature of Crimean Jewish history alongside The Jewish Agency’s post-Soviet-Union work there.

Crimea has a long history of a Jewish presence, dating back to the creation of the Pale of Settlement in 1791, and an actively Zionist presence at that: It was here that the Zionist hero and martyr Joseph Trumpeldor once lived -- here where Zionism began to flourish among the 40-45,000 Jews living throughout the region.

: The early Zionist activist Joseph Trumpeldor lived in Simferopol for six months in 1919.

A commemorative plaque now hangs outside the house that he stayed in on 6 Ulitsa Pushkina.

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