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A student of Richard Rorty and a refugee from academia, he can seem like an emissary dispatched by some dying race of intellectuals, those who still engage with the Habermas, but who can also address themselves with style and clarity to a public readership—those who, in Metcalf's words, "can write simply about ideas." Just take a look at his long-running Dilettante column, where he rehearses a firm handle on such diverse phenomena as Libertarianism, Toni Morrison, and the meaning of (yes, it has one).I interviewed Metcalf by email over the last several months."’s Jim Newell on whether congressional Republicans will finally break with Trump over his wall demand: with a list of every previous government shutdown, why they happened, and how they ended: (Note: Article is from 2013, and doesn’t include the most recent shutdown) https://utm_term=.59b7d8d93708 Gary Cohn’s interview with the on Cohn’s weak rationale for staying put: the National Weather Service for the latest updates on Hurricane Harvey: Slate Plus!That's not to diminish the digital; the Culture Gabfest isn't simply one of 's pioneering podcasts, it's one of the great works of criticism by other means—and one of the great, ongoing, off-the-cuff collaborations of recent years.

JASON GURIELHaving listened to your weekly podcast for years, it was sort of thrilling to read your 2011 essay for magazine, on the fours shrinks you’ve frequented.

Slate's Daily Feed includes the Political Gabfest, the Culture Gabfest, our sports show Hang Up and Listen, the Double X Gabfest, the Audio Book Club, Mom and Dad are Fighting, Slate Money, Spoiler Specials, The Gist with Mike Pesca, and more. With Slate Plus you can get ad-free versions of Trumpcast and bonus segments.

Part of the Panoply Network.© ©2017 The Slate Group , political risk consultant Anna Szymanski, and Slate Moneybox columnist Jordan Weissmann discuss:-        Passive investing-        Driscoll’s strawberries-        The banana marke Check out other Panoply podcasts at And this week you can hear Trumpcast producer, Jayson De Leon, chat with Slate staff writer Josh Keating about Trump’s foreign policy.

On the street, on stage or behind the scenes, Sook-Yn Lee takes listeners on a fast paced trip through the cultural landscape of Canada and around the world.

This program is the ideal audio guide to the fast-changing world of popular culture. Guaranteed quality radio - Playback is a compilation of the best of the week's radio on RTÉ Radio 1.

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