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Special Ops knives, great military knives serving our men and women in the special armed forces, blades which have earned their place in recon service around the world.

Some of these are even regularly issued to our soldiers in the different branches, and they are the special ops tactical knives, black blade bowies, fixed blades, folding, special forces and fighting knives, all specifically designed for the survival and combat challenges out on the reconnaissance and interception battlefield.

A former SAS officer has revealed his top tips for surviving an attack by knife wielding terrorists – including arming yourself with a pint.

Ex-soldier John Geddes learned the best techniques to thwart a dangerous situation during his 14-year career in the elite special forces unit. The father-of-three gave his advice after the London Bridge terror attack that saw three men go on a rampage stabbing revelers at bars and restaurants in Borough Market.

And even though one pub-goer won praise for not wanting to let go of his pint as he ran for cover during the attack, Geddes explained that the man may actually have been protecting himself.

He explained: “A pint pot – we all know the damage some idiot in the pub can do with that.” “That’s what people have to do collectively to defeat these perpetrators.” “Cold drinks are good too.

With a 6-inch stainless steel blade, it's a perfectly compact piece of equipment for this elite and efficient group.Top quality name brand special forces military fighting and combat knives made by the highest quality manufacturers.They're the elite, deployed to situations that demand the best soldiers in the world. I., but the post-9/11 warrior, the superman in the shadows, keeping the world safe from murky threats. The Swiss team, the Skorpions of the Zürich Stadtpolizei, looked like off-duty ski instructors in their matching black jackets and mirrored sunglasses. members who now worked for a private bodyguard service based in London and owned by an Iranian, showed off Chechen bullet wounds and waved the flag of the Russian Airborne. When Team America finally broke the Chinese winning streak and collected a trophy for Hostage Rescue, the other teams let out a relieved cheer: “U-S-A! ” When the Snow Leopards got back up to accept their award as the overall winners, the room went quiet. " ‘Made in China."’ After the banquet, the Canadians, an Army team and Team America headed across town for a nightcap. Inside, everyone had to pass through a metal detector — the legacy of a 2005 suicide bombing in which a terrorist under the direction of Abu Musab Al-Zarqawi blew himself up in the Hyatt’s lobby, part of a synchronized assault on three Amman hotels that killed 57 people. As the party wound down, one of the Army men came up to A. The front of his blue shirt was dark and wet where someone had spilled a whiskey and Coke. It was a stage-managed showcase for the 21st-century soldier — not the humble G. Special Forces soldier who oversees training at the base, said, “When you’re on that Black Hawk at 2 in the morning, on your way to target, and the bad guy you’ve been hunting for months is in that building, and there’s 25 guys with machine guns and only 6 of you — that’s a thrill you’ll never forget.” Around 11 a.m., two Boeing Little Bird attack helicopters roared overhead, sending the base’s resident black tabby scurrying for cover. As the teams gathered on the parade ground, they sized one another up. “That was awesome.” On stage at the hotel’s grand ballroom, two dozen trophies were laid out: 500 pounds of custom bronze, cast in the shape of Spartan helmets, crests and all. They spent almost as much time on the stage as the master of ceremonies. (“That’s why they love us,” he said.) There was a bar in the basement of the Grand Hyatt, called JJs, that was supposedly pretty nice.

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