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When she tells people she’s got OCD, she’s asked what she “does”. She compulsively seeks reassurance from others – most often her husband or her GP – about the fears that build up to what she capitalises as the “UNBEARABLE FEELING”.

For example, in situations where she sees others calmly stepping onto buses and trains (either unafraid, or rationally suppressing fears of crashing, terrorists and knife-wielding gangs), Limburg feels only an “ABYSS”.

When it comes to covering up mental health disorders for fear of social stigma, Limburg suspects that OCD sufferers lead the field.

They cope alone with the condition for an average of 11 years before seeking help.

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The shadow of shame cast by the obsessions (often fear of contamination, mental images of themselves hurting loved ones or engaging in forbidden sex) causes them embarrassment, while they are often aware that the resulting compulsions (such as relentless handwashing, or turning the lights on and off multiple times to prevent family car accidents) are likely to strike others as ridiculous.

So in her short and sharply self-aware memoir, Limburg tries to air her “soiled self”.

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