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A whole category of pornography has evolved around the milf concept, with many older women evidently enjoying the exposure.Girls' and women's voices, and our allies' voices are constrained in ways that are personally, economically, professionally and politically damaging. I am a Kentucky basketball fan, so on a fine March day last year, I was doing one of the things I do best: I was cheering for my Wildcats.

The government in Manila sent troops into the southern Philippines to control the insurgency.The MILF, however, refused to accept this offer and continued their insurgency operations.A general cessation of hostilities between the government in Manila and the MILF was signed in July 1997 but this agreement was abolished in 2000 by the Philippine Army under the administration of Philippine President Joseph Estrada.My spirituality, my faith, being a hillbilly — I can say that, you can't — all of it is fair game. I feel a lot of fear that you may think about and talk to women this way." And he surprised me by saying, "You know what? I apologize." Sometimes people want to be held accountable.And I have responded to this with various strategies. This one guy was sending me hypersexual, nasty stuff, and there was a girl in his avatar. This one guy was musing to I don't know who that maybe I was the definition of a cunt. And I was always secretly hoping in some part of me that what was being said to me and about me wasn't ... Because even I, an avowed, self-declared feminist, who worships at the altar of Gloria — On that particular day, for some reason, that particular tweet after the basketball game triggered something called a "cyber mob." This vitriolic, global outpouring of the most heinous hate speech: death threats, rape threats.

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