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From the botched pronunciation of “effervescence” to Strong’s character’s tale of getting “banged into a sinkhole,” I roared with laughter from start to finish. (I gotta admit, I’d rather listen to “Sexyback.”) Sound off in the comments!

(Bonus points via JT’s feminist pornographer dropping What did you think of Timberlake’s fifth time as host?

Timberlake is mostly a sight gag in jorts, but the skit served as a high note in what was already the strongest episode of the season.

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The bit took the pressure off Timberlake by throwing a bunch of alums into the mix.

The skit fell a little flat, but it was still nice to see classics like Steve Martin, Dan Akroyd, Martin Short, Candice Bergen and, oddly enough, Paul Simon mingle with Timberlake.

It’s especially satisfying to see Martin be a jerk to everyone, Akroyd in particular. It’s always a bonus to see Andy Samberg, especially when he joins Timberlake as the “D*** in a Box” guys. Perhaps the best moment of the night, aside from the consistently on-point Stefon during Weekend Update, was the closing skit.

is in the midst of a lackluster season, so the question surrounding the return of All-Star host Justin Timberlake this week (his fifth time in the role) raised the question: Would the former N’Sync-er inspire the show’s writing staff to whip up some decent punch lines or would JT get dragged into the “Californians”-style muck?

They just picked a really good group and tailored it like the best sports teams where everybody has a role, no one's getting in each other's way, everybody can kind of score...

opening monologue, because by that time the episode was already the biggest of 2013.

It was the musician-actor’s fifth time hosting, which gave him access to the exclusive “five-timer's club.” Timberlake was ushered off the stage and into the inner sanctum, where he encountered a slew of ' Sketches Made Into Movies Paul Simon greeted Timberlake, as did a pipe-smoking Steve Martin, who was a tad suspicious of the club’s new member, scoffing when he learned Timberlake couldn't play the banjo. The comedian then belittled Dan Aykroyd, who as a mere one-time host, was reduced to bartending for the clubmembers.

Martin Short (also not a member of the club) was forced to work as a mistreated waiter.

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