Updating squeezebox firmware

CHRISTMAS UPDATE: Time to control the outdoor lights!Stora is sold as a cheap home NAS, with mixed reviews.More switches should be coming this week as well as a Ether Rain sprinkler controller.The Pi will tie all the pieces together and give me one protocol to communicate to the switches. Unfortunately I don't have direct experience of connecting Duet to Roon only SBT, but just in case - the PC with Roon on it is connected to the same network as the devices you are trying to connect? and of course a reboot of everything never goes astray. choosing a player in the controller menu and then choose reset option within the player menu option. cheers Michiel I'd try going back to running the Duets from Squeezebox Server (disable The integration in Roon first). I only see the library and a library name referring to my previous nas ( I havent used the controller for a few years, I suppose it's an old cached name? I'm running Roon on Windows 10 and switched of the firewall to make sure data traffic is not blocked. I noticed there was a firmware update available on the controller ( 7.3.3.r17662). Allow remote connections is switched on Those bloody lights on the Duet used drive me mad! I tried to perform a Factory reset of both my duets via the controller.For a good collection of suitable ARM binaries, see Real world speeds seem to be in the 20MB-30MB/s range for reads and writes over gigabit networks (copying a single large file).This depends on factors such as hard drive speed, network, system load, file sizes etc.

You can do almost anything you would expect a NAS to do even with the stock (original) firmware, but you will need to learn some linux CLI (command line interface) tools because we don't have a GUI (graphical) interface replacement that covers all the possible new options.Jumbo frames do not appear to be supported so this may be a limiting factor. Linn has 35 years of experience designing and manufacturing products that meet Linn's vision of Music for Life.Yes, you need Easy Root Access, then read Changing User Limit.There is then no hard limit (128MB RAM is more likely to become an issue than the 1Ghz CPU).

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