Validating an hplc method

Polymer and plastics chemical testing supporting the entire lifecycle including chemicals analysis of polymer raw materials, resins, plastics and composites.

Chemical testing of polymers and plastics is required to ensure that a material is suitable for its intended application.

Polymer chemical testing is used to identify fundamental structural information including as molecular weight, molecular weight distribution and information on branching.

Chemical testing of a plastic or polymer material can be complex but can provide valuable information on the additives used and other substances present which is important when trying to understand material performance.

The extraction procedure with an isopropanol water 1:1 mixture is described.

Available Formats Due to different approaches to validation, YMC alternatively offers two different validation column kit versions: V1: 3 columns from 2 different batches (2 columns from one batch 1 column from a second batch to allow assessment of column reproducibility within a single gel batch as well as batch-to-batch reproducibility) V2: 3 columns from 3 different batches (to allow assessment of reproducibility across a wide range of gel batches) Part numbers Just expand the part number for the desired column by adding V1 for 2 different batches or V2 for 3 different batches. Method validation kit for YMC-Triart C18, 1.9 µm, 50 x 2.1 mm from 3 different lots: TA12SP9-05Q1PTV2 Pricing 10% less than 3 single columns.

He is an expert in sampling and sample preparation, chromatography (liquid and gas), spectroscopy (atomic and molecular) and pharmaceutical dissolution testing.

Mark was Programme Leader for the MSc in Instrumental Chemical Analysis at Liverpool John Moores University’s School of Pharmacy and Chemistry.

HPLC is a potent analytical tool, allowing for the separation, identification and quantification of drug substances.

It also presents many challenges, from the correct use of instrumentation, to analysing results, to the fulfilment of the regulatory requirements of method validation.

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