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In order to get a Domain Validated SSL Certificate you just have to prove that you own the domain by responding to an email or phone call using the information in the WHOIS record of the domain. Your company doesn't have to be validated and no organization name is entered in the certificate. So when should you use Domain Validated SSL Certificates?

They work well in situations where you don't need to assure your visitors or where there is little chance of a man-in-the-middle attack such as on an internal server or on a mail server.

This guide covers how to set up, customize, and use the authentication process.

is how Open AM determines whether a user has sufficient privileges to access to a protected resource, and if so, access is granted to that user or entity.

Information about the destination computer (SERVER-1) is not presented in this event.

If a credential validation attempt fails, you will see a Failure event with Error Code parameter value not equal to “0x0”.

With a flexible verification process, you can choose from numerous automated methods to prove ownership of your domain and your certificate can be delivered in just a few minutes.

Why risk potential customers abandoning their shopping carts and web forms?

Instead of having each and every airline company deal with access to each destination, all airlines redirect passengers to border control.

Border control then determines, or authenticates, the identity of each passenger according to passport credentials.

Domain SSL offers you an economical and quick and easy to implement option for securing your website, without having to sacrifice any of the value-add features, making Global Sign SSL Certificates unique.

Domain SSL is domain validated and fully automated, which means you’ll be able to start protecting your e-commerce, logins, webmail, blog visitors and more in just a few minutes.

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