Wmp not updating album info

To include such extra information in an MP3 track, tag data is usually added to the beginning or end of the audio file in ID3 format.ID3 tags allow you to store additional information within your MP3 files such as the track title, artist name and even album art.The PC needs to be rebooted after an uninstall before new Display Link software can be installed.

A standard MP3 file only contains audio data, with no additional information about the artist or type of audio contained within it.

The photo on songs thumbnail help a lot for organisation and cooler view.

Best thing about this trick is it does not require any special/extra sotware to be downloaded.

Instead of getting the album artwork while clicking on a music file, I kept getting the default music icon for an MP3 in Windows: In Windows Media Player, the same issue was occurring where the album art was not being recognized properly and it was display a default image: I had embedded the album art using a tag editor program called MP3Tag.

Adding album art is really easy, you just drag and drop an image file into the album art slot.

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